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Audio Mixer

The XENYX 802 is a compact 8-channel audio mixer that features 2 microphone inputs and 6 line level inputs. Inputs 3/4 and 5/6 are stereo paired for use with keyboards, player/recorders and other stereo devices. An additional stereo I/O is provided for connecting Tape and CD devices. The compact 802 is well suited for project recording, home video editing, small PA systems and more.  In a hard shell case with a power supply.

$15 $18
Wireless Microphone Kit

The Samson UM1/77 Micro Diversity UHF Wireless System gives you professional performance. Whatever type of field production you do, the compact, lightweight UM1 Micro Diversity system gives you robust reception and clear sound - even under adverse conditions. The receiver operates with minimal RF interference on the 644 MHz UHF band. The system comes complete with an omni lavalier mic and handheld cardiod mic with easily-concealable beltpack transmitter. System includes UM1 Receiver, CT7 Transmitter, Carry Case, Lavalier Mic w/clip, AKG D77s Cardioid Mic, mini to XLR input and output cables, mini to mini output cable. Requires (2) 9 volt batteries not included.

$15 $18
Studio Audio Monitor

This powered monitor is perfect for anyone who needs big sound on a small stage.  Includes power cord.

$18 $21
PZM Table Mic(Shure table SM90)

The high-quality solution for a range of applications such as altars, boardrooms and distance learning centers. Flat frequency response across the vocal range for uncolored sound, sleek, low-profile design for unobtrusive appearance

$6 $7
Lavalier Mic (Sony ECM-44B)

The Sony ECM-44B Lavalier Microphone has the exceptional quality of Sony's electret condenser microphones for a variety of sound reinforcement requirements, such as lectures and demonstrations. Measuring only 8.5 x 14.5mm, the ECM-44B reduces the visual distraction to the audience. The ECM-44B can be depended upon for clean, bright, yet natural reproduction. Operates on a single AA (does not accept phantom power) battery for over 5000 hours of service.  Includes microphone, case and lapel clip.  One AA battery required but may not be included. 

$6 $7