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Anton Bauer Battery Titon 90 (For Lite Panels)

Two 92Wh Lithium-Ion Batteries (90V). This V-Mount Lithium-Ion Battery can power your V-mount camera or other pro video gear, such as our portable LED light panels. The lightweight lithium-ion chemistry provides up to 10 amps of current on a continuous draw. At the side of the chassis, an LCD display screen shows battery capacity in percent remaining, and when put under load it shows the exact remaining runtime. Using the D-Tap and USB ports you can power essential accessories on your rig or other small electronics.

$19.00 $22.00
Camera Dolly

The CamDolly Cinema Systen can take more than 550lbs of weight, enabling you to mount it with any camera and all the shabang you need… and you can even ride along if you want to.  The system packs into three individual custom-fit cases, the heaviest of which is less than 50 lbs. Carry them between shoots, load them into any car, even check them onto a plane. Universal Tripod Holders can take whatever tripod you have. Full Kit includes 50ft (15.24m) of SnakeTrack for extra-long runs with the longest flexible solid rubber track on the market. The Track Ends provided will enable you to use any length pipes from your local hardware store with diameter from 0.8inch (20mm) to 1.4 inch (35mm). Along with Track Supports, if you’re going to use long rails, you’ll be able to support in 2 sections to prevent curving because of the weight.

$90 $105
Camera Crane with Motorized Head

The original Kessler Crane is the industry standard in lightweight camera crane systems. Featuring 360 degree rotation, an invertible camera platform for under or over slung camera positions, a two arm design for maximum stability and built with high-grade anodized aluminum, its as robust as it is functional. Easily broken down for transportation and uses standard household style weights to achieve proper balance.  The Kessler Crane features manual, fixed-angle and automatic tilt control for ultimate versatility, making it the perfect tool for any crane application.  Comes with motorized turret so you can capture those slow pans!

90.00 105.00
Vive Virtual Reality Kit

Putting on the VIVE headset washes away the real world with fantastical experiences–from rec room-type games like ping-pong or pool to experiences spanning categories. SteamVR™ Tracking, stunning graphics, a 110˚ field of view, intuitive controls and HD haptic feedback provide an unparalleled sense of immersion.Includes high-end Xidax gaming computer with NVidia 1080 graphics card.  Everything you need to have a VR party!  (We recommend also renting 2 small tripods to hold the base stations.)

$90 $105
Cable Protector

Protect pedestrians from tripping hazards posed by loose cables measuring up to 1.375" in diameter with drop-over two-channel cable protector. Made from heavy-duty rubber with a skid-resistant surface,

$5 $6
5 Channel Industrial Cable Protector

Protect cables from foot traffic and vehicles at golf, charity and sporting events.  Industrial polyurethane resists oil and abrasions.  Textured surface. Interlocking connectors.  Full top and bottom protection. Hinged lid.

$5 $6
Extension Cord (Outdoor) 25 ft.

25 ft. 12 Gauge Outdoor Extension Cord

$5 $6
Extension Cord (Outdoor) 50 ft.

50 ft. 12 Gauge Outdoor Extension Cord

$5 $6
Extension Cord (Outdoor) 100 ft.

100 ft. 12 Gauge Outdoor Extension Cord

$5 $6
Kessler Pocket Dolly

The Kessler Pocket Dolly 2.0 has a ball bearing wheel design and gives it a great fluid feel. It has also a custom CNC machined firm rail to reduce or eliminate flex.Includes Manfrotto 3433 fluid head.

$20 $23